Hanchett Park Heritage Project

Hanchett residence park history

The 76 acres of Hanchett Park are bordered by Park Avenue to the South and West, Race Street and The Alameda to the East and Shasta Avenue to the North.  During the 40 year period between 1859 and 1901, this area encompassed the Agricultural Park, hosting State Fairs as well as bicycle and horse races.  For financial reasons the Agricultural Park was closed and sold to Louis Hanchett’s Peninsula Land & Development Company in 1901.  In 1905 Louis Hanchett announced the formation of the Hanchett Residence Park, boasting ‘state-of-the-art’ sewage, lighting and transportation systems.


The large lots, starting at $450, were purchased by individual homeowners who were encouraged to bring in their own architects.  The resulting neighborhood is a wonderfully eclectic collection of Prairie, Arts and Crafts, Mission Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Japo-Swiss and Tudor in sizes ranging from modest bungalows to larger villas.  Our streetscape remains relatively untouched, with most residents preferring to “add on, rather than up” when needed.  We even have our own ‘Bungalow Row’ on Martin Avenue featuring four Arts and Crafts style ‘show homes’ from the initial development .

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