Hanchett Park Heritage Project

About Us

The Hanchett Park Heritage Project is an organization established to promote the interests of historic preservation and neighborhood renewal in the Hanchett Park neighborhood in San Jose, California. We are chartered as a 501/c(3) tax-exempt non-profit in the State of California.

Hanchett Park Heritage Project

(A 501c3 Organization)

HPHP Board

Lorie Bird President

Lawrence Camuso Vice President

Mary Johnson Treasurer

Helen Chapman Secretary

Core Team

Deborah A., Lorie B., Michael B., Larry C., Angela E, Cass R., Helen C., Mary J., Erich W.

Our Mission

Our Organization

HPHP is a organization of like-minded individuals bent on world domination. Fueled by fine wine and nachos, they meet under the cover of darkness to plot their nefarious deeds. Details are sketchy, but we believe they are organized as follows:

Our history

The origins of HPHP are shrouded in mystery. Some say it sprang fully-formed from the remains of an ancient holiday float.

To contact us: info@hanchettpark.org