Hanchett Park Heritage Project

Here are some photos of the neighborhood, retouched to show how the area might look after the installation of pillars, pergolas and landscaping.


As above, but viewed from the opposite side.


Hanchett Traffic Island (proposed)

The efforts of your neighbors, friends, and councilpersons have resulted in the completion of the pillar island, unveiled at the Fourth of July parade in 2009. The photos to the right and below show the island in various stages of completion. Kudos and our gratitude to all involved.

(photos courtesy of Susan Davies)

Hanchett Traffic Island (actual!)

Requiem for a Traffic Cone. Billed to the project, probably.

Hanchett Traffic Island

Here the workers can be seen (according to an informed source) “pounding the sand”. So that’s what that means!

Hanchett Traffic Island

A concerned citizen, not in violation of any city ordinances or union rules or anything and only after having signed a Waiver of Risk (on file at HPHP) waters the greenery at the base of the completed pergola.

In all seriousness, we’d like to thank Botany of Design for the landscape design soon to grace the traffic island. Also, special thanks go to Michael Borbely at NOVUSPACE for the design of the pergola.

The pergola design is copyrighted. Interested parties can contact Mr. Borbely at NOVUSPACE, 820 Willow Street #196, San Jose, 95125.



Hanchett Traffic Island